Space Shooter Game

Welcome to my first long-term video game project! The game has been worked on since October of 2018, where it was shown at the Wander 2018 design show. It was last updated on the 21st of May 2019.

This game is inspired by space-shooter games of the past, while having modern improvements such as 3D models and using the Unity game engine. There is a single-player and two-player local multiplayer mode.

The game can be played with Xbox controllers or a keyboard.

More information and download links can be found on the Game Jolt page for the project.

> > > Click here to visit the Game Jolt page < < <

To view the source code for this project, as well as view commit history starting in June 2019, take a look at the GitHub repo.

> > > Click here to visit the GitHub repository < < <

The game currently only runs on Windows. SmartScreen may warn about starting the application – click ‘More Info’ then ‘Run Anyway’. To uninstall the game, delete the folder that the game came in.