Website Changes

As a result of DXH803 in my final semester of university, I needed to improve my professional presence. The first step was to reconsider how I represent myself – retiring my old logo in favour of a new concept. Further refinement arrived at the final product.

My motto of ‘Imagine, Practice, Create’ had been simplified to imagery of a rocket taking off with the created product, having launched from my imagination. After consulting with a few people, I made the decision to cut the tools featured on the initial iteration – now the rocket’s smoke and the cloud are one and the same. I find this new logo to be more visually appealing and memorable than the one I came up with early in my university career.

Beyond this logo change, I went over all of the previously used icons and replaced them with custom-made Illustrator vector art. Slight site CSS changes were made also. I hope you enjoy the new look!