Welcome to my digital portfolio!

My name is Cameron Crosse.
I’m a double degree graduate of Queensland University Technology:
Bachelor of Information Technology (Major in Computer Science)
& Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)

I’ve been fascinated with the world of software for as long as I can remember. Games are a particular passion of mine. Ever since late high school when I finally got to create a game of my own, my interest with computers has skyrocketed.

I’ve worked with C# for more than 5 years throughout my education, and consider it my programming language of choice. Furthermore, I enjoy working with Arduino to create tangible prototypes. My portfolio includes everything from personal game development projects to high-fidelity design prototypes, and I aim to only increase the amount of work I put out there.

This website was created for university assessment in 2017, and since then it’s come to host my entire portfolio. The initial theme created for the site has been retired – the currently used theme is ‘GeneratePress’.

I host my game projects on Itch.io.
You can contact me by using the links on the bottom of any page.