Welcome to my digital portfolio!

My name is Cameron Crosse.
I’m a double degree graduate of Queensland University Technology:
Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science)
& Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)

I’ve been fascinated with the world of software for as long as I can remember. Games are a particular passion of mine. Ever since late high school when I finally got to create a game of my own, my interest with computers has sky-rocketed.

The technologies that I’ve worked with include:

  • C# for my Unity game projects
  • Python for university assessments & automation of tasks at my current job
  • Arduino micro-controller boards to create tangible prototypes during university

My portfolio includes everything from personal game development projects to high-fidelity design prototypes created during university. This website was created in 2017, and since then it’s come to host my entire portfolio. The theme used is ‘GeneratePress’.

I host my game projects on Itch.io.
You can contact me by using the links on the bottom of any page.