Chaotic Comets

Chaotic Comets
Video game project, made with Unity as a solo project
Genre: Shoot-em-up
Last updated: June 2023 (development complete)
Play in browser: Click here

This is my first public video game project! The game was worked on occasionally from October 2018 to June 2023. It began life as a university assessment, shown at the Wander 2018 design show.

Chaotic Comets was inspired by space-shooter games of the past. There is a single-player and two-player local multi-player mode, an interactive tutorial, shop for ship upgrades, among other features. The game can be played with various controllers or a keyboard.

To play the game in your browser, visit the page for the project! There are also downloadable versions for Windows and Linux available.

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To view the source code for this project, take a look at the GitHub repo.

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Screen-cap of Chaotic Comets gameplay